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Complaint procedure and whistle-blower’s scheme

We do our utmost to fulfil our assignments in the best way possible. Should clients nonetheless be dissatisfied, we appreciate being informed of their complaint or comments. This enables us to find a solution and implement improvements together.

Because Vanhier takes all complaints very seriously, we have developed a dedicated complaint procedure. Clients can submit complaints in various ways: by post, by email (klachten@vanhier.nl), by phone or in person. If the complaint remains unresolved or a meeting is undesirable, a request can be submitted formally in writing.

Clients can submit a complaint within thirty days after the performed activities. Any complaints regarding the amount of the declaration or the activities to which the invoice relates, can be submitted to Vanhier in writing up to thirty days from the date of the declaration involved. Should clients refrain from doing so, they are considered to recognise the correctness and chargeability of the declaration. After a complaint is received, the complaint coordinator will send a confirmation of receipt signed by him/herself and the office partner to the client within three working days, stating in which term the complaint will be processed. If a complaint will not be processed, the complaint coordinator will inform the client in writing why that is as soon as possible and within ten working days from when received.

Minor complaints will be processed within two weeks. For major complaints, the complainant will be informed within a period of two weeks of the progress. Major complaints will be processed within four weeks.

Whistle-blower’s scheme (art 32 section 1 of the Accounting Bodies Regulation or VAO)
Complaints will be taken seriously and handled with care and in confidence. This means that people from outside the organisation and employees can both submit alleged irregularities without risking their legal position.

The whistle-blower’s scheme applies in addition to the complaint procedure regarding the services of Vanhier or associated persons and the scheme for disputes.

Anyone using the whistle-blower’s scheme can submit an anonymous report to the Vanhier compliance officer by sending a letter or an email to mkoot@vanhier.nl.

The compliance officer is obliged to confirm the report within a week of receiving it. In the confirmation, the compliance officer will also indicate the procedure and term for processing the report.

Within four weeks, the compliance officer will inform the reporter of the measures taken and how the further processing will be realised. In the rare cases that this cannot be done within four weeks, the compliance officer will inform the reporter, indicating the term in which the report will be processed.

Finally: we very much appreciate you sharing any complaint you have with us as it means you are giving us a second chance to get things right. Be assured that we include all well-founded complaints in the assessment of our company and always do our utmost to ensure similar problems will not re-occur.

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