Our company and people

We like to work with figures, but we love the stories behind the numbers even more –
the development of your business and our contribution to it.

Who we are

Let’s start with some figures of our own: we have more than 80 employees (60% female, 40% male), six shareholders and four offices, and we operate in more than ten disciplines. This lets us place our expertise at the service of numerous business owners – just the way we like it.

Personal attention

Vanhier combines the broad expertise of a large consultancy firm with the personal attention of a small office. We provide tailor-made quality and attention – an ideal mix for our clients. You can come to us with all your financial, fiscal, legal and business-related questions and trust that you will get the right answers all in one place. Our goal is to help you save on money and time spent debating, today and in the long term. And if something changes in your situation, we’ll be the first to anticipate the results.


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Four all-round offices in
Haarlem, Heiloo, the Zaan region,
and Amstelveen.

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