Our company and people

We like to work with figures, but we love the stories behind the numbers even more –
the development of your business and our contribution to it.

Who we are

Let’s start with some figures of our own: we have more than 60 employees (40% female, 60% male), five shareholders and five offices, and we operate in more than ten disciplines. This lets us place our expertise at the service of numerous business owners – just the way we like it.

Vanhier combines the broad expertise of a large consultancy firm with the personal attention of a small office. We provide tailor-made quality and attention – an ideal mix for our clients. You can come to us with all your financial, fiscal, legal and business-related questions and trust that you will get the right answers all in one place. Our goal is to help you save on money and time spent debating, today and in the long term. And if something changes in your situation, we’ll be the first to anticipate the results.

Jessica van Rossum

06 53 73 13 65

Daan van der Poel AA

Algemeen directeur
06 12 26 89 60

Jolanda Mank AA

06 46 13 52 14

Ruud de Graaf AA

Directeur06 57 03 84 49

Daniela van Nuss

06 23 83 81 47

Marco Koot RA

06 46 29 51 80

Jenno Kruimer AA

06 53 17 40 19

Huibert de Potter

Partner HRM
06 15 87 83 87

Leonie Jongsma

Coördinator bedrijfsvoering
06 33 32 05 95

Erik van Weerdhuizen AA

06 51 22 61 92

Mirjam de Haan

Assistent accountant
020 426 43 60

Lars Hof

Assistent accountant
020 426 43 60

Eric-Jan Ronhaar

06 33 32 02 06

Paul Backes AA

06 54 28 61 80

Mark Korver

06 30 26 77 33

Cora Fonteijn

Teamleider salaris
06 19 55 05 48

Jeroen ten Veen

020 426 43 60

Jasper Kerver AA

06 54 35 29 40

Diederik van Rietschoten

Assistent accountant
020 426 43 60

Martijn Doorenbos

Juridisch adviseur
06 33 32 05 90

Vanhier: for all these reasons

When talking to us, the first thing you’ll notice is that you can trust us to communicate in a clear, pragmatic and unpretentious way.


Our people are highly trained, but always eager to refresh their knowledge. This ambition will be a major benefit to your business.


Simply good work performed with sincere attention to our clients: this is Vanhier’s philosophy.


Expertise is one thing, clever use of it another. Vanhier excels in taking a resourceful approach to your business.


Working digitally has been part of our business approach from day one, making us a pioneer in our sector.


With five easily accessible offices, Vanhier is always nearby. We speak your language and know your region.


You won’t go far with a consultant who only looks back. We can create a strategy that works for every phase in the lifecycle of your company.

We are Vanhier

Vanhier is a consultancy firm for business owners with vision. Our expertise ranges from accountancy to takeover strategies and from wage administration to fiscal matters. We provide optimal support via personal service and digital efficiency from our five local offices.

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Five all-round offices in
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Heerhugowaard and Amstelveen.

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Voor vragen over maatregelen die wij gezamenlijk met u kunnen nemen die betrekking hebben op het Coronavirus kunt u ons ook bereiken via ondernemersdesk@vanhier.nl. Onze kantoren zijn open, maar werken met een minimale bezetting.

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