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With five practically situated offices and advanced digital communication, Vanhier is always within reach.

Personal service and quality

Delivering quality work with genuine personal service for our clients.

Working at Vanhier

Vanhier is constantly developing and regularly looking for new talent.
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Like to stay up to speed with important business news? Our news service will tell you everything you need to know.


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Forward-thinking accountants and consultants

Successful entrepreneurs never stand still. You have the drive to develop a good product and the ambition to grow. Vanhier knows how this feels. Share with us what’s on your mind and we’ll help your business develop further.

Online services

24/7 online access to the financial details of your business.


Advice at every stage of your business journey.


Private or corporate? Smart and transparent custom solutions for all your fiscal issues.


Forward-thinking accountants provide insight into your figures; from annual statements to prospects.
Always nearby
With five offices in your area, Vanhier is accessible to every ambitious business owner with great ideas.
Experienced consultants
We offer the perfect combination of young professionals and more senior staff to provide you with the best possible service.
All knowledge within one company and intelligent digital solutions backed by a strong international network.
Our consultants help business owners maximise their profits and minimise their taxes.

About Vanhier

Our approach is based on simplicity and short lines of communication.


The latest business news for companies looking to stay ahead of the game.

Our services

Vanhier offers a full package of services.


Five all-round offices in Haarlem, Heiloo, the Zaan region, Heerhugowaard and Amstelveen.


Like to be part of the Vanhier team? See if we are looking for your skills.

We are Vanhier

Vanhier is a consultancy firm for business owners with vision. Our expertise ranges from accountancy to takeover strategies and from wage administration to fiscal matters. We provide optimal support via personal service and digital efficiency from our five local offices.

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