Online services for modern business owners

A cutting-edge business requires an online environment. We know from experience how convenient it is to have online access to your business data 24 hours a day. No matter what you need, Vanhier’s specialists will find the best possible digital solutions for you.

Online numbers

It is important to have access to your data without much fuss. Our Business Dashboard makes this possible – an advanced cloud solution which allows you to see and edit the latest figures almost anywhere and anytime.

Online payroll data

Log in through the dashboard and easily implement any payroll and personnel changes. Our completely digital personnel archive has its own online file with payslips and annual statements for each employee.

Online HRM

Get a proper grip on developments within your workforce. This saves more work than you might expect, freeing up time for the things that really matter – like coaching.

Online receivables management

Getting invoices settled without having to lose customers is now easier than ever. Your digital dashboard automatically sends invoices and reminders, which in our experience also leads to a shorter average payment period.

Online payables management

To ensure fast and accurate processing of invoices that need paying, our software anticipates your needs and even makes suggestions. This ensures that your accounts are always perfectly up to date.

Online administration

We facilitate a completely paperless administration via digital dashboards and mobile apps. These are, of course, further linked to webshops, cash registers, CRM systems and bank accounts.

Online client: Accountancy Portal

This portal, which is also linked to the tax authorities and your bank, enables us to keep you posted on the progress of the actions we carry out on your behalf. This ensures that you are always ahead of the game.

Vanhier’s digital partners

Having scrutinised and tested the online systems with which we work ourselves from every possible angle, we know we can recommend them wholeheartedly. If you’d like to know more, contact us and we’ll happily explain the options to you.

Why Vanhier?


You always have the freedom to switch from taking care of things yourself to outsourcing them to Vanhier, and vice versa.


Your corporate data is on secure servers. Vanhier’s digital partners are carefully selected, and we keep a finger on their pulse at all times.

Mobile apps

Your smartphone also gives you 24/7 access to your digital business solutions.