MSI Global Alliance: business across borders

Operating abroad has its own risks and rewards. Even within the EU, legislation can differ considerably from country to country. There are many ways we can support clients who do business internationally. Our network spans many countries, giving us access to almost limitless expertise in this domain.

Association with MSI Global Alliance

To strengthen our capacity to provide solid advice to our clients with international ambitions, we are a member of the MSI Global Alliance, a worldwide association of more than 250 accounting and consulting firms that spans more than 100 countries. These are our colleagues across borders – accountants as well as lawyers and tax specialists.

Joining MSI is not a simple question of paying a fee: we must prove that our office continuously meets stringent quality requirements. And Vanhier has been doing that for years.

Business abroad?

Vanhier now has a large network of fellow professionals abroad. We regularly call on their expertise to help our own clients.

Do you plan to set up in other countries? You can rely on us for advice. We have an impressive number of contacts to fall back on at MSI, ensuring that your international plans have a solid financial and legal start.

Doing Business in The Netherlands?

The reverse applies as well, of course. From international companies wishing to establish themselves in the Netherlands to colleagues from MSI asking us for advice, Vanhier has everything it takes to help foreign businesses in the Netherlands.

Why Vanhier?

International standard

Our membership in MSI enhances the quality of our services, offering benefits to all our clients.

Global expertise

We can forward your tax, financial or legal questions to partners literally all over the world.

Trusted contact

We coordinate all communications with our foreign partners, ensuring you have a single point of contact.


Doing business in The Netherlands