The lifecycle of a business

Every company has its own unique journey: from exciting ideas through expansion to successful stability, with ups and downs that can lead to triumphs or decline. While the pattern of this cycle is not always predictable, it can often be influenced. And the best way to do that is by remaining alert, embracing opportunities and, sometimes, taking risks. Vanhier is a valuable partner for business owners with vision . We continuously keep track of any signals which tell us that your company needs to take action, at every stage of its lifecycle: whether start-up, scale-up or exit.

Start-up phase

You’ve had the idea to start your own business for a while, alone or with others. Maybe you even have a detailed business plan ready. What’s next? To successfully start a business, you have to make sure that a number of things are taken care of: legal form, permits, workspace, marketing, financing, administration, insurances, purchasing, personnel, terms & conditions and so on. That’s a lot for anyone to keep in mind. Vanhier ensures that you make the right choices so that your company starts strong from the get-go.

Growth phase

Once you’ve overcome the first challenges, Vanhier will help you choose your goals and give you the backup to pursue them. We do this by helping you with long-term budgeting, revenue models, receivables management, cost calculations, digitising or upgrading payroll administration. This will help your company grow stronger every day.

Stability phase

When things are going smoothly and you don’t do much more than keep an eye on economic trends, it’s time to start thinking about managing a mature business. We provide advice in the fields of financial planning, retirement and work disability. We also keep track of steps which can further professionalise your business, such as filing and contract management.

Innovation phase

To say that stagnation means decline may be a cliché, but it’s truer than ever these days. How do you prevent your company from being overtaken by rivals and missing out on innovation and sustainability trends? Our business consultants will work with you to figure out how best to conquer new markets through process and product innovation or by adopting other revenue models. We look into various possibilities for financing, subsidies, crowdfunding and partnerships. The goal is to make your business thoroughly future-proof.

Optimisation phase

Your business may be strong and dynamic, but things can always be better. Now is the time to think about which processes can be further optimised in your company. This phase is all about efficiency and higher profit margins. By streamlining your financial controlling & management support and deploying new IT and software programs, we help you lift your organisation to a higher level.

Restructuring phase

Maybe you’re seeing a golden opportunity for a merger, the acquisition of another company or the transfer of your own. How would you approach such a process? We would certainly advise calling on the expertise of an acquisition specialist. Vanhier has rich experience in providing guidance in these types of transactions, including by setting up sales memorandums, doing appraisals and conducting due diligence. If what you are looking for is a transfer within the family, we can also play a crucial mediating role at the negotiating table.

Do you recognise your company in any of these stages?

Does any of them fit your future plans? Discuss the lifecycle of your company with a consultant who can help you plot the right course.

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