Administration by Vanhier

To optimise your business operations, you need to focus your energy on the areas which matter most while digitising and/or outsourcing secondary activities. Vanhier has excellent software capabilities for this purpose which you can link to your own business dashboard. The result is major gains in time and convenience.

Online administration

Being continuously updated on your company’s situation without having to spend too much time on it yourself – this is the key benefit of having your accounting and payroll administration organised online by Vanhier. Convenient desktop and mobile applications let you stay on top of things day and night, all depending on your needs.

VAT and payroll tax returns

Our digital reporting system greatly facilitates VAT and payroll tax returns. Everything is taken care of on time with a clear overview of what you have to pay and when. Fines will finally become a thing of the past.

Within each of our online solutions, you always have the freedom to switch between doing things yourself and calling on our specialists. This ensures you virtually unlimited flexibility.

Why Vanhier?

In the cloud

We continuously make secure online backups of all your financial and payroll administration. All updates are installed free of charge.


We know what your business needs in order to grow. Our approach backs your ambitions.

Service and convenience

Is there something you need help with? You can always turn to our accountants and payroll specialists.