Corporate law advice: because prevention is better than cure

Everything you do as a business owner has legal consequences. Vanhier clearly itemises your business risks in terms of labour, corporate and contract law – and, above all, helps you manage them.

Labour law

You know what good employees are worth, and wish to keep them happy with clear work contracts and transparent procedures. Vanhier provides advice on all legal issues affecting your staff – big or small, you can trust us to keep an eye on the things that matter.

Corporate law

Your company is always in development: you may be expanding, entering new relationships or changing legal form. These are all legal puzzles Vanhier can help you solve. Our lawyers will provide you with the backup required to find suitable solutions for your company.

Contract law

Every agreement has an expiry date. We therefore recommend that you use our expertise for new contracts while also letting us check existing ones – from shareholder agreements to general terms & conditions, for the big picture as well as the fine print.


Do you prefer to have a lawyer on hand? We can arrange that for you too, for example through LegalParrot, a practical and affordable concept for any type of business. Based on a fixed monthly fee, you can call on a lawyer specialised in corporate law affairs whenever you need advice.

Why Vanhier?

Legal expertise

Our lawyers are experts in a wide range of topics. This ensures short lines of communication and faster action.


Our consultants work closely together, creating synergies that benefit you too.

Long-term perspective

We always look to tomorrow: your business doesn’t stand still and neither do we.