Payroll and staff: working with people online

Although dealing with employees is a very human process, we also provide excellent online solutions for personnel issues, always accessible via a private dashboard. This is one investment with which you will gain both time and precision. As soon as you learn about Vanhier’s digital capabilities, you’ll be convinced.

Payroll administration

Anyone in charge of administering staff knows how much work goes into it: payslips, annual statements, job changes, premiums and wage policies, just to name a few. For all these tasks (and more), we use customised software which saves a lot of work. This frees you to spend your precious time on more strategic issues.

If you feel like you don’t have enough knowledge or experience to oversee payroll administration yourself, Vanhier can take over part or all of the job from you. We would be happy to calculate what would be the costs and gains for you.

Human resources

When we take care of payroll administration for a client, we can also provide them with high-quality advice in other matters related to human resources: after all, we have a closer understanding of the relevant data. We can place this at your disposal in our online HR tool. Don’t hesitate to come to us first if you have questions about employment contracts, HRM, regulations or subsidy possibilities.

And don’t forget that we also have in-house lawyers who can advise you on any tax, social and labour law issues which your company might encounter.

Why Vanhier?

Personal approach

You will have one fixed contact at Vanhier for all your needs, someone who knows you and your company through and through.

Always nearby

Having a consultant around the corner is both efficient and enjoyable. And you can count on us to understand your company’s local culture.

Online convenience

Why make things any more complicated than they need to be? Our digital solutions provide 24/7 access to all staff data.

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