Controlling: a firm grip on your business

Vanhier’s controllers are professionals who focus on all the economic and administrative issues within your company. From setting up the financial administration to digitising business management, we give you control over your financial results, with a keen eye for the big picture as well as the brass tacks.

Management support

Financial controlling provides support to management at every level. Our controllers are well-versed in their field and familiar with all the usual management and financial information systems. We quickly work out what is needed for optimal business management and share this information with you, even when not formally requested.

Vanhier stands for experience and quality. We help you simplify difficult policy decisions and advise you on how best to implement them in practice.

Digitising your business management

Vanhier will automate your business management and make it accessible for you online 24 hours a day. We work with a large number of software suppliers in the fields of staff administration, payroll processing, reporting tools and tax filing.

Naturally, our specialists can help you implement and streamline the software systems you choose.

Why Vanhier?


Support for specific projects and temporary staffing, as a replacement or on an interim basis.


The right financial and accounting systems allow you to save your focus for actual business matters.

Online dashboards

Clear advice on the online opportunities for your company.

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