Choosing the accountants at Vanhier means choosing the accountancy of today, with intelligent cloud solutions, short lines of communication, genuine expertise and 24/7 online access to your accounts.


To optimise your business operations, you need to focus your energy on the areas which matter most while digitising and/or outsourcing secondary activities. Vanhier has excellent software capabilities for this purpose which you can link to your own business dashboard.

Company lifecycle

Every company has its own unique journey: from exciting ideas through expansion to successful stability, with ups and downs that can lead to triumphs or decline. While the pattern of this cycle is not always predictable, it can often be influenced.


Vanhier’s controllers are professionals who focus on all the economic and administrative issues within your company. From setting up the financial administration to digitising business management, we give you control over your financial results, with a keen eye for the big picture as well as the brass tacks.

Corporate law advice

Everything you do as a business owner has legal consequences. Vanhier clearly itemises your business risks in terms of labour, corporate and contract law – and, above all, helps you manage them.

MSI Global Alliance

Operating abroad has its own risks and rewards. Even within the EU, legislation can differ considerably from country to country. There are many ways we can support clients who do business internationally.

Online services

A cutting-edge business requires an online environment. We know from experience how convenient it is to have online access to your business data 24 hours a day. No matter what you need, Vanhier’s specialists will find the best possible digital solutions for you.

Payroll and staff

Although dealing with employees is a very human process, we also provide excellent online solutions for personnel issues, always accessible via a private dashboard. This is one investment with which you will gain both time and precision.


You obviously wish to minimise the tax you pay while always handling all your tax affairs according to the rules. We are aware of all the ins and outs of the relevant tax regulations so you can trust us to find the best solutions for you.