Welcome to Vanhier BV

Vanhier is an accountancy organisation with five offices in the Netherlands in the province of Noord-Holland. SMEs are our target group. Our down-to-earth and brilliant consultants help entrepreneurs increase their profits and pay less tax. Our work is carried out very efficiently through the use of our high-quality ICT platform.

Vanhier stands out from others by catering for the small scale, and by its simplicity and directness. For us, no fuss. Our enthusiastic staff create clarity and a comprehensive overview. They are all maths geniuses but also have a real understanding of people, their needs and how they work. After all, we choose a highly personal approach to clients and colleagues. Empathy and entrepreneurial spirit are evident. That’s why it is always pleasant to work with us.

Our actions are based on a practical vision in which the entrepreneur is central; We are simply Vanhier, here for you!

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